New paradigm in Medical Technology

About Us

Many countries around the world, from Asia to the Americas to Europe to Africa to Australia are facing an unprecedented crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting every corner of the world. PPE shortage remains a reality that hospitals and other health-care facilities deal with on a daily basis. Hospitals in the US now routinely reuse masks that are supposed to be discarded after one use. Nitrile gloves, which are primarily made in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, have become almost impossible to get with lockdowns in key areas.  


Delphi DD strives to provide affordable, trusted, and stable supplies to alleviate these life-threatening issues that our brave frontline healthcare workers face. Our founders are veterans in the healthcare, investment, and legal space, combining their expertise to secure supplies, investing in factories, and eliminating fraud.    

Our Vision

We aim to be the global innovation leader in PPE and medical devices. 

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